Currently in Toronto — October, 13th, 2022

Morning rain with afternoon sunny breaks

The weather, currently.

Strong, gusty winds and heavy rain will gradually taper off north to south as we push into the night. It will remain an active early morning for us in the GTA, with periods of rain and a wake-up temperature near 14°C. Some areas well north of the city will see over 30mm of rain while 10-15+mm is likely for the GTA. As the cold front pushes south, we will see drier conditions around lunchtime with even some sunny breaks for the afternoon. There is still a risk of a few scattered showers but the core of the moisture will be to our southeast. The high 15°C. It will still be breezy at times, SW wind 20-40km/h and the uv index will be 4 or moderate.

Thursday Night: Cloudy periods with a cool low of 5°C.

Anwar Knight

What you need to know, currently.

Anna Abraham has a story up today on state-sanctioned water scarcity in Palestine.

"The heatwave that hit Israel and Palestine this summer brought extreme temperatures to the region, raising temperatures by 5°C (41°F) above the seasonal average. In the Jordan Valley, the eastern portion of the West Bank region of Palestine, temperatures soared as high as 45 degrees C (113°F).

However, despite these extreme changes, Israelis, in both the Zionist State and the Settlements, did not face any water shortages, while Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, as usual, did."

Click here to read the full story!

What you can do, currently.

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