Currently in Toronto — November 4th, 2022

Mix of sun and cloud and very warm 

The weather, currently.

Not record-breaking temperatures, but pretty close. Warm air continues to build into the region, setting up a Friday that will feel almost like the end of summer. Scattered clouds with some fog again in the early morning on Friday and a wake-up temperature near 9°C. Expect a mix of sun and clouds for much of the day — in many areas, it will be highly cloudy as a ridge of high pressure remains in place. The forecast high will be 19°C. The record on November 4th is 20°C, set back in 1987. The wind will be moderate at times from the south and the UV index will be 3 or moderate.

Friday Night: Partly cloudy and mild, with a low of 14°C.

Anwar Knight

What you need to know, currently.

We have a new story up today from Currently's editorial fellow, Aarohi Sheth, profiling Kadedra Holmes, the founder of Black Nomads Meet:

"Holmes said that contrary to the narratives that mainstream media perpetuate, nomadic living is not a new concept to the Black community," Sheth writes.

'We’re tapping into something that’s deep within our innate nature,' Holmes said. 'Hiking, swimming, camping — we have an attraction to the outdoors, we’ve just been systematically bullied out of the space,' she said.

Climate change, and the environmental racism that stems from it, has reinforced this severed relationship between Black people and their native environment, according to Holmes."

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