Currently in Toronto — May 11th, 2022

Sunny and very warm!

The weather, currently.

A taste of summer—at last! A blocking pattern will remain intact, with a ridge of high pressure locking in more sunshine until Friday. For tomorrow, near 9°C for your wake-up temperature with sunny skies for the day. The UV index will be 9°C or very high. There will be a light SE breeze, which may keep us a little cooler than areas to the north. Likely record-breaking heat in the northern parts of cottage country, (IE: Algonquin 26°C). For us in the city, 23°C will be our high—which is above seasonal.

Wednesday night: Mainly clear with a low of 10°C.

Anwar Knight

What you need to know, currently.

Currently published a story by Alexandra Applegate today, on the benefits of solar power in low-income communities.

“Historically, low and moderate-income communities have been left out of the move to solar — and the savings that accompany it — even though those are the households that could benefit the most,” Applegate writes. “Two-thirds of low-income households experience a high energy burden, paying around 8.6 percent of their annual income on utilities. This is three times more than what non-low-income households pay for their heat and electricity.”

“Yet, across America, people who own solar are generally more wealthy. A 2022 Lawrence Berekley report found that solar owners have an average income that is 58 percent higher than their county’s median. After all, it costs up to $30,000 to complete a solar system installation on one home. Plus, many low-income Americans are renters or their homes do not have the sufficient infrastructure to support solar panels.”

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