Currently in Toronto — May 12th, 2022

The weather, currently.

A sunny and warm spring day!

Another beautiful day is on the way. You will feel the warmth starting early Thursday morning, with a wake-up temperature in the double digits—around 10°C. It will likely be the warmest morning so far this year! Lots of sunshine through the day, but that also means we need to start practicing safe sun with a UV Index of 9 or very high on Thursday. The wind will be light from the SE and the high will be 24°C (of course, it will be a few degrees cooler by the lake). There is a good chance that some areas in Southern Ontario will likely tie, if not set, some new temperature records tomorrow.

Thursday Night: Mainly clear with a low of 12°C. The seasonal norms are 18°C and 8°C.

Anwar Knight

What you need to know, currently.

Congress is making some halting moves to revive (at least parts?) of President Biden’s doomed Build Back Better plan through budget reconciliation. While passing any meaningful climate legislation before midterms is the country’s best chance at mitigating catastrophe, Democrats have struggled to get their act together.

Robinson Meyer, writing for The Atlantic, noted this week that during Nancy Pelosi’s talk at the Aspen Ideas festival “Susan Goldberg, recently the editor in chief of National Geographic, now a dean at Arizona State University, asked the speaker point-blank whether Democrats were going to pass climate legislation, and Pelosi all but shrugged.”

This new bipartisan push is being led by Senator Joe Manchin, whose vote killed the Build Back Better Act. According to NBC, some Democrats worry Manchin is simply stalling until Congress takes its August recess.