Currently in Toronto — June 13 2022

The weather, currently.

Sunny and seasonal!

A nice start to the new week, with a ridge of high pressure now building in. Lots of sunshine to start your Monday with a wake-up temperature of 13°C.  

Overall the sunshine will continue for the day, with some scattered clouds for the afternoon — the high around 23°C. The wind will be light from the South 10-20km/h and the UV index will be 9 or very high.

Monday late evening there is a slight risk of a shower, the disturbance responsible for this will be primarily in SW ON, and it could be quite active in that region. As a result, there is a chance the leading edge of the energy could push a little north and east.

Monday night: variable cloudiness with a risk of a shower and a low of 15°C.

Anwar Knight

What you need to know, currently.

How Hurricane Sandy changed meteorology over the past decade
As the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Sandy approaches, former NWS Meteorologist, Gary Szatkowski shares with us the lessons learned.

As the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Sandy approaches — former NWS Meteorologist, and Currently’s own, Gary Szatkowski — shares the lessons learned by meteorologists in the years since Sandy as well as his predictions for the years to come.

Sandy posed a communication challenge for meteorologists, but in the years since the we’ve gotten better at communicating impact to those faced with making the hard decisions in the days leading up to major storms.

Szatkowski says that in the next decade, meteorologists are going to face similar messaging hurdles while trying to express the impacts of climate change when forecasting major storms. Read the full story here.