Currently in Toronto — July 14th 2022

Mainly sunny and dry (again)

The weather, currently.

Sunshine and dry conditions return tomorrow. The rain that did fall this evening was welcomed, but it was quite scattered. The entire region needs a widespread soaking rain, but it is not in the forecast. Mainly sunny as you start your Thursday morning, with a wake-up temperature near 17°C. It will be very comfortable for those who may be heading out for some early morning exercise. Bright skies will continue for much of the day with just some scattered clouds developing—the high 26°F. The wind will be light overall, a NW breeze of 15-20km/h and the UV index will be 8 or very high.

Thursday Night: Mainly clear with a low of 15. Perfect conditions to see this year’s brightest Supermoon. It is commonly referred to as the Buck Moon, but other names include Thunder Moon, Hay Moon, and Salmon Moon.

Anwar Knight

What you need to know, currently.

Our Managing Editor has a new story up on a study that details how social inequality fuels climate change and makes it harder to fight.

“‘Climate instability threatens the loss of social justice and equality gains over the past half-century,’ said Dr. Kelly Davis, a clinical social worker and director of the Institute for Social Work and Ecological Justice. ‘Making it the most significant and universal problem facing social workers.’”

“Research shows that the most marginalized — poor and BIPOC people, for example — already face the brunt of climate-related devastation. Meanwhile, wealthy countries account for almost 40 percent of carbon emissions, while only making up 16 percent of the world’s population.”

Click here to read the full story!