Currently in Toronto — August 9th 2022

Cooler air coming!

The weather, currently.

Cooler air coming! A cold front that is tracking south will continue to trigger scattered thunderstorms across the Lower Great Lakes through the evening (some areas in Eastern Ontario have seen over 4 inches/100mm of rain from thunderstorms cells in the last 36 hours).

Tuesday morning will start under variable skies and there's a risk of a shower in the very early morning. The wake-up temperature will be near 19°C. Otherwise, for much of the day, we'll see a mix of sun and cloud and a high of 24°C. The wind will be light, but from the north, meaning a push of cooler and drier air. The UV index will be 9 or very high.

Tuesday Night: Scattered clouds and comfortable, the low 15°C.

Anwar Knight

What you need to know, currently.

We have a story up today by Anna Abraham on the historic drought sweeping East Africa:

“For the fourth consecutive time, the rainy season has failed in East Africa and is likely to fail yet again in the short rains period from October to December this year,” writes Abraham.

“The locust infestation that swept across the Horn of Africa in 2020 added to the food crisis. Over 20 million people are reeling from the effects of the drought, with many areas on the brink of localized famine. Over 1.8 million children are facing life-threatening malnutrition. To make matters worse, food prices are soaring due to global inflation.”

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