Currently in Toronto - August 11th, 2022

Mainly sunny and seasonal

A quiet weather pattern is unfolding for the next few days thanks to a ridge of High pressure that will build across the lower Great Lakes. There is a passing cold front that will generate some clouds and perhaps a few nuisance showers very early Thursday morning - but that is about it.  The wake-up temperature is near 19°C. Overall, mainly sunny conditions for tomorrow and a high of 26°C that feels like 28°C with humidex. The wind behind the front will switch to an NW flow, 20-40km/h, and the UV index will be 8 or very high.

Thursday night: mainly clear and comfortable with a low of 13°C.

Side note: We should have good conditions to see the annual Perseid meteor shower. From mid-July to late August, the Earth passes through a trail of icy debris in space, left behind by a comet known as 109P/Swift-Tuttle.
The best time to view typically is in the darkest hours after midnight between moonset and dawn. At its best, 50 to 80 meteors per hour can streak across the sky. Enjoy!

Anwar Knight

What you need to know, currently.

Switzerland's glaciers continue to melt due to the impacts of climate change, as shown by new drone footage. Some have retreated so much that they have revealed things like unidentified human remains and nearly 500-year old  plane wreckage.

Most of the world’s glaciers are retreating amid rising temperatures, but those in the Alps are the most vulnerable as they’re smaller and have less ice cover. This year, they’re on track for their highest loss of mass in a 60-year-long record.

Last winter brought little snowfall and this summer has brought sweltering, record-breaking temperatures as well as too early-summer heatwaves, including one in July with temperatures near 30°C (86°F) in Zermatt, a Swiss mountain village. As a result, the Alps’ glaciers have shrunk.

— Aarohi Sheth