Currently in Toronto — February 16, 2023

Increasing clouds with rain by afternoon

The weather, currently.

As one system departs another one enters. After record-breaking warmth, it will be a much cooler morning tomorrow. The wake-up temperature Thursday morning near 1°C,  feeling more like -2°C with the wind chill. Expect sunny breaks in the morning, but the clouds will increase setting up some showers after lunchtime. Showers will become more widespread for the drive home and fall as light rain by evening. This new system is tracking a little further south, so there is not as much warm air moving in with it. The forecast high 5°C. The wind will be much lighter, an easterly breeze of 20-30km/h and a UV index 2 or low.

Thursday night: periods of light rain, changing to a brief period of freezing rain as our temperature drops through the night. Whatever moisture is left will fall as flurries by dawn, the low -4°C feeling more like -12°C with the wind chill.

Anwar Knight

What you need to know, currently.

Wall Street Sees Profits in Dropping Colorado River Levels
As Colorado River Basin states grapple with ways to keep a river more than 40 million people depend flowing, Wall Street is tapping water scarcity to deliver profits.

“As Colorado River Basin states work to find ways to keep water flowing, to meet the needs of more than 40 million people, Wall Street continues to invest in southwestern lands with water rights, hoping for big returns as this key resource becomes increasingly scarce.”

Read more from a story originally published by Eric Galatas in Public News Service.

What you can do, currently.

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