Currently in Toronto — February 3, 2023

The weather, currently.

Bright skies but brutal cold!

A fast-moving arctic front will plunge into the region tonight bringing dangerously cold temperatures. An extreme cold warning has been issued. It stretches from Huron- Perth, throughout the GTA and into eastern Ontario. It will be a frigid start to your Friday with a wake-up temperature near -18°C, feeling closer to -28°C degrees! We will be under partly cloudy skies.

Mom and Dad,  it is important to note that as the kids head out to school, they need to cover up all exposed skin. There is a risk of frostbite with these extreme values. The good news is, it will be bright. Sunny with some scattered clouds, and possibly an isolated flurry. However, the cold remains the big story with this arctic blast being the coldest air some areas have experienced in years. The forecast high  -14°C degrees! The wind chill will make it feel like -25°C for much of the day. The wind will also be gusty at times, with an NW flow of 30-50km/h.

Friday night: mainly clear and frigid with a low of -23°C, feeling closer to -30°C degrees.

Side note: While intense, the extreme cold will be short-lived. By Saturday afternoon will begin to warm up significantly.  And...if you are wondering, Wiarton Willie did NOT see his shadow, predicting an early spring!  Have a safe and happy weekend!

Anwar Knight

What you need to know, currently.

The best way to save forests? Legally recognize Indigenous lands.
A new report says the key to saving Brazil’s Atlantic Forest is recognizing Indigenous territory.

Legally recognizing Indigenous lands leads to reduced deforestation and increased reforestation, according to reporting from Grist

A study conducted on Brazil’s Atlantic Forest showed that “rights-based policy for Indigenous lands can improve environmental outcomes.”

Under Brazils new president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the outlook for Indigenous communities gaining legal control of forests is hopeful.

Read the full Grist story here.

What you can do, currently.