Currently in Toronto — July 19th, 2022

The weather, currently.

Very hot and humid

Hot and very humid conditions will move in for the next couple of days. A heat warning has been issued for much of Southern Ontario. You will notice that by breakfast time tomorrow. The wake-up temperature will be near 22°C, under mainly sunny skies. However, it will feel closer to 28°C and will only get hotter.

Expect a mix of sun cloud by late morning and as the instability ramps up due to the increased humidity, some "scattered" rain showers will develop with the possibility of a thunderstorm. This will not be a widespread long-lived event, however, a strong storm is not out of the question. The high for the day is 31°C feeling closer to 40°C with the humidex. The UV Index will be 9 or very high.

Tuesday night: cloudy periods with a risk of an isolated thunderstorm and a low of 23°C, still feeling closer to 28°C.

This heat is potentially dangerous, especially for seniors and very young children. Remember community centers, and shopping malls can offer a break from the heat throughout the day.

Anwar Knight

What you need to know, currently.

Heat-related deaths could triple by 2050 if there continues to be inadequate government action on overheating in UK homes, according to reporting by BBC.

Over 4.6 million homes in England experience overheating, according to a recent survey conducted in the summertime. Overheating was even more common in public housing areas, and households with people of low incomes or aged over the state pension age.

But, there were no regulations addressing overheating in new buildings until June this year.

“We’ve seen buildings designed that don’t cope well with the increased temperatures we now experience in summer,” James Prestwich of the Chartered Institute of Housing told BBC. “What we’ve seen is buildings that have been built with a lot of glass and not necessarily the best flow of air through corridors.”

As climate change continues to create more severe and frequent heat waves, the UK hit record temperatures as the first ever red heat warning comes into effect. Temperatures are expected to continue to climb up to 41°C (105.8°F) over the next two days.

—Aarohi Sheth