Currently in Toronto— March 23rd 2022

The weather, currently.

A slushy, icy mix on the way!

A major storm will bring a slushy, icy mix to the region. This Texas low will have ample gulf moisture to work with and will begin impacting Southern Ontario  in the early morning of Wednesday. It will start as showers mixing with ice pellets for the morning commute. There is also a risk of Freezing rain, however it is more likely to affect areas north of the 401, (the further you are away from the lakes). Some areas including Orangeville, Aurora, Collingwood could see extended periods of Freezing rain.

In the GTA the showers will transition to light rain by lunch time. Localized flooding is possible with 15-20mm expected, with even higher amounts in SW ON.

It will also be very windy at times with gusts from the East at 40-70km/h. The forecast high only 2°C but it will rise into the evening.

Wednesday night: cloudy with rain changing back to showers with our temperature near 7°C by dawn. —Anwar Knight

What you need to know, currently.

Remember the Mars-like Saharan dust we shared last week? Well, it could just help nourish the Earth.

The dust caught a ride on some strong winds and traveled across the Mediterranean, turning the air orange and coating surfaces across Europe. In Spain, the combination of dust-filled air and heavy rains led to what residents described as “raining mud”.  

That dust, while a nuisance to air quality, is actually rich in minerals and acts as a fertilizer, according to reporting from The Guardian. In fact, the dust can help to fight climate change. When Saharan dust lands in the Atlantic, it fertilizes microscopic phytoplankton, which in turn absorb massive amounts of carbon dioxide.