Currently in Toronto— March 14th 2022

The weather, currently.

Cloudy and wet!

Some light snow to start to your Tuesday morning with a wake-up windchill near -3 °C. It will be an active day overall, the snow will likely mix in with some showers especially in the west end of the GTA for the afternoon. This will not be a major event, but there's no sunshine in the forecast and it will be wet as the kids try to enjoy another day of "March Break". Our temperature will climb to 4°C. The wind will be from the East at 15-30km/h.

Tuesday night: Mainly cloudy with a low of 0°C. The seasonal norms are 5°C and -4°C. —Anwar Knight

What you need to know, currently.

The United States and Canada “sprung ahead”— gaining an extra hour of sunlight in the evening but losing an hour of sleep— when daylight saving time arrived this weekend.

There are mixed feelings about daylight saving across the board— there is excitement about the extra post-work daylight, there are early birds who dislike the darker mornings, and more general negative feelings about changing the clocks altogether.

Experts argue that moving the clocks back and forth each year is bad for public health and safety— disrupting sleep patterns, affecting mental health, and increasing car accidents.

Whatever your feelings for daylight saving are, it is certainly a sign that spring is really on its way. What are you doing with your extra hour of daylight? Let us know by replying or quote tweeting this tweet, using the hashtag #CurrentlySpring.